Where to live when you’re studying in Leeds

One of the best student cities in the UK, Leeds has a lot going for it – with some of the best nightlife and trendy destinations, students at the 4 main universities are never short of things to do. Now the UK’s third largest city by population, Leeds’ housing market is massive and there’s a whole lot on offer for students. You might find a great place to live near your university, near the city centre or somewhere else entirely. No matter where you choose, this up and coming Northern city is sure to provide a great new home for any student.

Hyde Park: the place to be

Widely considered among Leeds’ student population as a rite of passage, Hyde Park is a classic example of a buzzing student area. Practical for most campuses and not too far from the city centre, it’s easy to see why it became the student hub in the city. The impressive number of pubs, takeaways and independent shops also make it very attractive – not to mention the huge variety of housing options available. If you want the true Leeds experience, Hyde Park is the place for you.

Headingley: cheap and cheerful

Close to Leeds Beckett University’s Headingley campus, the sister sector to Hyde Park has a lot to offer. There’s a lot to do for the students who choose to live here, from pubs to cafes to parks. The area has a good student vibe and enough things to do to keep any student busy. It is slightly further from the city centre and a further from other campuses, so you may want to factor in travel costs and commute time if you’re thinking of living in Headingley.

Woodhouse: hospitals and cheap rents

If you’re a medic based at the hospital or are willing to put up with something less upmarket in exchange for a short walk to campus, then Woodhouse is the one for you. With lower house prices and a wide variety of student housing, there’s sure to be something here that suits you. As it’s near the University of Leeds campus, Hyde Park and a short walk from the Headingley campus, it’s one of the best connected areas. With so many students, there are tons of house shares available, making it easy to find somewhere to share with your mates or make new ones! Little Woodhouse is also popular with medics and dentists. Students placed at St. James Hospital often choose to live in Harefields in the east of the city.

Burley: save your cash

As the home of Spice Girl Mel B, Burley is a hidden gem with significantly lower house prices. This is beginning to attract more and more students to this traditionally residential area. Often popular with recent graduates and home to a surprising amount of amenities, Burley also boasts more green spaces than other student areas, even including allotments for hire. If you’re not too fussed about being in the centre of the action, Burley provides a great alternative.

City centre: the heart of the action

By contrast, if you prefer to be right in the middle of the bustling city life and don’t mind shelling out for it, the city centre around the universities could be a great choice. To really connect with the city and its residents, not just the student population, a flatshare or house in the city centre is a good option. Surrounded by Leeds’ fantastic array of independent shopping, big brands and unrivalled nightlife, you’ll feel at the heart of a truly modern city. Best of all, you can reach most places on foot and the transport links are second to none!

Author: Roomlala