Visit Brighton in 3 days

What to do in Brighton in 3 days

Brighton truly embodies the traditional English seaside, and what better way to experience this than to visit Brighton in 3 days and explore all its wonders. Just over an hour south of London, this seaside town is easily accessible and has so much to offer hence why it attracts so many tourists. Roomlala has prepared a tailor-made trip for your sightseeing in Brighton and has some tips on the best ways to find accommodation for whilst there.

Day One:

To discover what makes Brighton the eclectic town it is, you will start your trip by taking a wonder to North Laine and the Lanes for second hand record shops and vintage clothes shops. The alternative atmosphere is like no other and you can take a break in one of the vintage tea rooms. You will then find yourself by Prince Regent’s exquisite Royal Pavilion, which is one of the most opulent buildings in England. Built between 1787 and 1823, you can take a tour to discover all about this palatial building. You’ll eat dinner in an independent restaurant/café to get the feel for Brighton’s unspoilt nature and if you’re into the clubbing scene, there is a bustling nightlife for you to head out to, from big dance clubs, to smaller independent live music bars, so you’ll be sure to find somewhere that suits you.

Day Two:

Of course, you can’t come to Brighton and not take a trip down to its renowned pebbly beach. Try and come here on the day with the nicest weather to see it at its best. To the West you will see the old burnt down pier from before, but then you will make your way onto Brighton Palace Pier where you will find yourself in a fantasy world of arcades, candyfloss and fair ground rides. You will go to the World Famous Brighton Punch and Judy show which has been the main seaside attraction for years, and of course you can get an ice-cream from one of the endless parlours on the sea front, some of which have been around for hundreds of years. The seafront has no shortage of places to eat delicious food either, so wind down your day by getting a staple British seaside fish and chips from one of the renowned restaurants where you can enjoy the beautiful sea view and calm sea breeze.

Day Three:

To finish off your trip sightseeing in Brighton, get breath-taking 360 degree views of this coastal town in the British Airways i360 tower. Just opened in 2016, it is the world’s tallest moving observation tower. Ascending 138 metres up, you will be sure to enjoy this 20 minute ride to see Brighton from above. If you’re coming with children, you can head across to the Volk’s Electric Railway to keep them entertained, where you can take a small trip towards the Marina, which has been running since 1883. On a summers evening, some beaches allow you to use barbeques from after a certain time, so you will spend your last evening on Brighton beach to embrace the laid back, relaxed nature of this wonderful town, but be sure to check out wherever you’re planning on the council’s page.

Find somewhere to stay in Brighton:

Brighton is a beautiful, quirky town where you want to have as much spending money as possible when you visit Brighton in 3 days, to make the best of all that is on offer. Reducing your accommodation spend is a great way to free up a bit more cash for more exciting things, and thanks to Roomlala, you can access different accommodation for across this seaside town. Stay in a B&B, or discover a huge number of flatshare ads or offers for holiday renting.

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