What comes up when you type in 'Cheap Homeshare' on Google...

For some time, with the rise of the phenomenon of homeshares, one of the major players of the sharing economy, many Google searches using the words "cheap roommate" have been listed. What are the results that emerge from this search? What types of adverts can I fall upon? What do you need to know about the different homesharing sites? Here's an overview of a well-conducted search for a future roommate.

Small adverts between individuals

Some house share sites hardly moderate the adverts and the users who post on them, which leads to unconvincing and unreliable results, as you find almost anything and everything on them. You must therefore use great caution with sites like these, and contact all the people behind the adverts that interest you to judge the seriousness and reliability.

Nevertheless, the sites with small adverts between private individuals make it possible to have access to a large choice of housing with much lower rent than on the sites of professionals.

On Roomlala, user profiles and adverts go through a complete moderation process. In addition, the site offers the possibility to exchange directly with the owner or roommate via an email tool. Finally, the bookings paid on the site are covered by Roomlala insurance, which avoids any unpleasant surprises and guarantees your money back if something were to not be right with the reservation.

Professional advertisement sites

Homeshare sites with adverts managed by real estate agencies have the defect of being much more expensive than sites between individuals due to generally higher rent but also with the additional cost of agency fees. In addition, small housing adverts in large cities usually attract a lot of people, making it sometimes very difficult to find a roommate.

Specialised sites

Recently, sites with a specific specialty, for example, classified adverts for flat or house sharing, have become more numerous. Next to these homeshare sites, you will also find general rental sites, which display all rental adverts for roommates.

The specialised ones are often preferred, because they give you already filtered results and you can search for exactly what you want.

Other search results

By typing in "cheap roommate" on Google, you can have access to adverts posted people who are looking to replace someone who has recently left a flatshare. Responding to these adverts often results in a communication between the current tenants, to find out if it could work for you living together.

In addition, you should take care when renting homestays, which sometimes coincide with homeshare announcements. The difference between two is important, since in the case of a rental in a homestay, you will live alone with the landlord, whereas a homeshare involves living with several other housemates, none of whom are the owner.

Author: Roomlala