Visiting the French Riviera

Going on holiday is normally synonymous with sunshine and relaxation, but organizing a getaway can be anything but that. That is why we have decided to give you a hand and help you plan your trip to the French Riviera. Here are some ways to explore the south of France and some ways to make your trip affordable!

What to do on the French Riviera? What isn’t there to do!? There numerous cities to explore, beaches to enjoy and food to taste! Within a small stretch of land, there is so much that you can do. There are notable places to visit, like Antibes, with its famous museums and narrow streets; or Cannes, with its famous Croisette and “Old Town.” You can visit the Promenade des Anglais in Nice for a memorable evening, or better yet, stop by Saint-Tropez and see some celebrities get onto their yachts.

Of course you need to take some time to relax on the beach, but when you’re not there, make sure to stop by Toulon in Menton where you will be able to enjoy the charm of the markets and the beautiful colors of the building sin the Cap Ferrat.

The French Riviera has national parks to discover. Parks that will dazzle your eyes with the natural flora and scenery (of both the French Riviera and Alps). All of it is breathtaking.

The island of Porquerolles is where you will discover the charms of the quietest corners of France. With little traffic and hidden beaches, dirt roads and a very quiet atmosphere, this is the perfect place for you to relax. Bandol is also an ideal destination for its verdant surroundings. Finally, if you want to hike and discover the natural wealth of the region, the Maures will meet your needs with its many trails.

Where to stay? The hardest part of planning a vacation is making it affordable, and that is where we are going to try and give you a hand. Roomlala has many holiday rentals along the coast for people looking to get away. There are also even Bed and Breakfasts listed on our site. They are perfect for a romantic stay in a small French village. This allows you to get some privacy, but also share meals with your host if you would like. This is the perfect way to learn more about the area you are staying in.

If you’re planning a long-term stay, think about accommodations in exchange for work. These allow you to reduce the cost of rent by providing services to the landlord like watching children or completing light housework. Finally, if you like meeting new people, you may consider a getting a roommate if you are looking to rent for the long-term or rent a homestay. Both solutions allow you to have a pleasant evening with the locals and enjoy a home at a lower cost so that you are able to truly enjoy the French Riviera.

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