To Rent Out An Attic

Everyone wants to have more space in their home. It opens up new areas to spend time and increases the value of your home. One space that often goes unused is the attic. This unused space offers many advantages, and we’ll teach you how to make the renovation as easy as possible.

Rules For Converting Your Attic? You may need the help of a contractor in order to do some parts of the renovation, but before you give them a call, check to see what laws are applicable to your area. For instance, it may be necessary that the height or pitch of your attic’s ceiling is a certain height or angle. Measure both, and make sure that you are legally allowed to turn your attic into a livable space. If your attic’s roof is not high enough, you may only have the right to turn your space into storage space.

The room should also have at least one window to be considered a full room. In order to create a new window, you may need to get a work permit from your local government. Once you have a contractor, they may be able to help you take care of this. Since many attics are not insulated, it will be necessary to insulate your new space so that is a comfortable place to live, at any time of the year.

A Solution to Increase the Living Space

When completing your renovation look for potential long-term cost saving options. There are insulation options that will provide you with a future tax refund, as well as other energy saving options as well.

By far the biggest advantage of utilizing your attic space is the new living area. Every additional living space in your home allows you to benefit from large additions to property value.

Adding value to your home is the best investment in your future.

Rent the New Space! Adding a space to your home doesn’t just add value down the line, you can also benefit right away from renting out your space to someone who is looking for a room to rent. Renting out the space will allow you to benefit from an additional income and it is possible that just a few months after you have completed your rental that the renovation will be paid for from the income you have received.