Tips to optimise your kitchen space

Getting the balance right in the kitchen between careful interior design and storage space is always tricky. Between cutlery, crockery, tea towels and saucepans, there’s always slightly too much stuff in a kitchen. Roomlala has come up with 6 tips to help you optimise your kitchen space and maximise your storage space.

Furniture hooks

In order to optimize your storage space in the kitchen, you could attach hooks to your existing furniture. Hooks on the backs of doors or under the shelves in your cupboards can provide an ideal location to store your mugs and tea towels.

mugs cups storage cupboard

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Wall hooks

In kitchens which don’t have furniture, shelving or cupboards on the walls, you could also fix larger hooks to the walls where you can hang your pots and pans or potted herbs, for example. It’s important to make sure that you can still open your doors without banging into anything, or you might damage your stuff.

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Stackable storage

Using a couple of boxes or crates can be a great way of tidying your things up. A wine rack could be used as a dish rack, which provides surface space inside and on top. You can create a really unique decorative effect by using crates, storage boxes and racks as storage in your kitchen – for a lower price than many containers!

Magazine racks and baskets

Why not fix a magazine rack or some small baskets on the inside of your cupboard doors to store your Tupperware lids or rolls of baking paper and foil? This hidden storage trick is perfect to optimize your storage space and workspace without sacrificing your décor.

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Hidden vertical drawers

There can be a lot of ‘lost space’ between furniture and walls. Putting a vertical drawer in between the two to store your freezer boxes or sauce pots can be a great way to utilise this dead space. Sliding neatly in between or behind your fridge, workspace or table, this is a discreet and efficient way to store your stuff.

Wall shelving

Whether they are straight or at an angle, shelves are a great way to optimize your kitchen tools while creating a nice decorative effect. Match them to your colour scheme or create a bold colour contrast, you can decide how they fit in with your kitchen’s look. You could even repurpose your old furniture if you haven’t already upcycled it with our handy tricks.

Author: Roomlala