Tips for Taking Successful Photos of Your Holiday Rental

On the internet in general, photos can strongly influence your purchasing decisions. In the case of a holiday rental, visitors or seeking an escape, and don’t want to take any risk on the destination, let alone the accommodation. Roomlala gives you 9 tips to enhance your ad and facilitate the rental of your property.

Successfully baiting the customer

When future holidaymakers look for accommodation online, they soon find themselves overwhelmed by the array of choices on offer. To captivate and them and keep their attention focused on your ad, it’s recommended that you put your best photo as the principal one for your ad. The image could be of your living room or bedroom, or even a feature of the house such as a beautiful exterior.

Keep your photos up to date

If you have recently renovated the interior of your home, it’s essential that you relay this to potential clients. Time spent taking new photos will be greatly rewarded when vacationers seeking modern, well-maintained accommodation notice your ad. Similarly, if you offer a cottage in the mountains, avoid posting photos that have been taken in the summer for a rental during the winter period, and vice versa.

The visitor is curious

A tourist looking for a vacation rental wants to reassure themselves before making a payment. It’s advisable to satisfy their curiosity by uploading pictures of each room. Doing this also stops you from having to send additional photos by email.

holiday rental room

Don’t forget the exterior

The environment is an important factor in choosing a holiday rental. It’s a great idea to take some pictures of the garden, surrounding landscape, or even a view from the balcony.

Give an impression of space

To successfully convey an impression of open space to your accommodation, it’s essential that you clean up the place from top to bottom before taking any pictures. The reader of your ad will appreciate being able to imagine themselves in a clean and tidy environment.

Don’t hesitate to start over again

Photos that are blurry, badly framed, or lacking in light aren’t going to sell very well. You should definitely take the time to take new shots if you don’t succeed initially. Getting the sharpness, luminosity, and framing just right will get you some top-quality photos.


Let your pictures speak

Inserting text on your snapshots or making someone appear in different rooms will have an impact on the reader’s impression of the ad. If the photos are good, that’s enough to convince anyone.

The risk of collages

Making a collage of several photos in a single shot can be tempting, but the result is very often disappointing. This type of image would consequently shrink the size of your rooms and distort the image of your property.

The surroundings? Why not, but at the end

After choosing all the photos that best show-off your accommodation, you could post a few pictures of places or landscapes to see in the surroundings. It’s important not to start your ad with these photos, as this may make the future tourist lose confidence in your vacation rental ad.

Author: Roomlala