Tips for Posting a Successful Ad on Roomlala

If you’re advertising a room for rent on Roomlala, you definitely need to ask yourself how to make your ad as good as possible to attract lots of tenants. Here are some tips that will help you create an effective ad!

A Short, Catchy Title

• The title of your ad is the first thing that prospective tenants see. Tenants often read books by their covers, so you need to make sure that you describe your accommodation both precisely and briefly. For instance: “Charming Single Room in Canary Warf”.

• You title shouldn’t be too long: no more than 5 words. Don’t try and say too much because if a tenant is really looking for accommodation, they’ll read the description to find out more. Therefore, do not repeat information such as “for one person” or “room to rent” (that’s pretty obvious if it’s on Roomlala!)

• Be humble, don’t over sell or exaggerate. For example, try to avoid expressions such as “come and discover a wonderful area”. Potential tenants could think that you are a scam and quickly move on to the next ad.

Be Brief, Concise, and Genuine!

Add Good Photos

• Remember: an ad with photos receives 5 times more views than one without photos. Uploading photos with your ad is therefore vital to ensure that potential tenants click on it in search results.

Tenants want to see the room, to be able to imagine themselves there. Don’t stop at just one photo, it’s best to add several photos, preferably photos that are 2MB or smaller in size.

• Ideally, your ad should have photos of every living area of the house, so that your ad is as complete as possible: photos of the room taken from different angles to give a real impression of what the room is like, as well as photos of the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom and even the garden if you have one. You could also add a photo of the house or building from the outside if you think that might attract tenants.

• Take your photos during the day so that they’re as bright as possible! Dark photos are not good publicity at all…

Don’t take your photos from too close: try to stand back far enough to produce an image that shows as much of the room as possible. A zoomed in photo of a microwave isn’t very useful!!

• Obviously, it’s also a good idea to to tidy up and clean the house before taking your photos.

The better the photos are, the more attractive your ad will be to potential tenants! To be even more successful, see our article 9 Tips for Taking Successful Photos of Your Accommodation

A Thorough Description

• When you post an ad on Roomlala, there are several boxes that you can fill in to add extra elements to your ad- remember to fill them all in! For instance, it’s useful to fill your postcode in correctly, so that your ad is well positioned and appears in the right place when tenants search for accommodation in your area. The cost of rent is also a crucial element for the tenant on a tight budget. Roomlala recommends a price to you for each ad to help you with this. (You could also take a look at our article How to Set The Rent for a Room)

• There is also a box in which you can describe your accommodation. Don’t clog it up with details that you've already filled in elsewhere, instead, you should fill it with new information. Talk a bit more about your accommodation, yourself, the atmosphere in your home, mention your region and how close you are to major cities. Here you can use a bit more originality than in the title. Always remember that you are trying to make tenants want to come and live with you!

You will have worked out by now that your ad is a reflection of your accommodation. So try and spend a bit of time on it, making it as appealing as possible! If you ever need any help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer services team who will be more than happy to help you.