The cheapest European student cities to live in

It’s normal to ask many questions when going on an Erasmus trip, the most frequent being about the cost of living and the price of rent.

In fact, the budget you have for rent largely determines the destination you will chose for your year of studies abroad. To help you with your choice, Roomlala has put together some of the student cities with the least expensive rentals in Europe.

What are the 5 cheapest cities in Europe?

Do you want to go abroad and pay a reasonable rent to enjoy the local life? Then cities like Riga in Latvia, Ankara in Turkey and Bucharest in Romania are the cities with the cheapest rentals in Europe. In fact, for accommodation between these cities, you’re looking at between just 250 and 260 euros per month.

If you want to discover the rich history of Greece, you can also opt for Athens which has an average rental of 270 euros, or on the other hand you could go for Vilnius in Lithuania that has a housing market for students with an average cost of 280 euros. Closer to Spain we can find Porto which is one of the cheapest student cities in Europe with an average rent of 309 euros for a month per 25m².

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What are the 5 most expensive cities in Europe?

If your accommodation budget is limited, there are certain cities that we do not recommend you choose.

In general, the British and Nordic countries have the highest rent in Europe. There’s London with an average cost of 1 480 euros per month, making it the most expensive city in terms of rent, followed by Reykjavik in Iceland (1 280 euros), Dublin (1 250 euros), Oslo (1 210 euros) and Stockholm (1100 euros). In addition, the cost of accommodation is often consistent with the cost of living, so the rental prices can help you get an idea of the overall budget you'll need for your Erasmus season and thus may help you avoid certain ones which will be out of reach for you. You could also offset the high prices of some cities with a student job.

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Author: Roomlala