The Benefits of Living with International Flatmates

Sharing a flat with people from many countries reminds us without a doubt, of the cult film L'Auberge Espagnole, where we watch the lives of a group of friends all from different nationalities live in a flatshare. The cultural differences that each partner contributes give us an enriching insight into the variety of cultures and how you can learn so much. Here are the five advantages of having international roommates.

Flatsharing and it's many advantages

Flatshares are not just a thing for students, (check out another blog post of ours about that) as it is a practice advantageous for all ages and will undoubtedly make amazing memories for you. In addition to the economic benefits, which allow you to split expenses, shared flats usually give you access to much larger spaces. The accommodation also becomes a place to meet people, which allows you to make friends quickly and integrate more easily into a new city.

Having international roommates can make you more open-minded

In addition to the advantages of living with people you don't know, a flatshare with people from other countries can make you discover and become more open to different cultures and different ways of life. The other nationalities will merge their way of life with yours and you will have a fascinating mixture of cultural differences.

A simple way to discover delicious, new food

In an apartment shared with people from different places, the most natural thing is that each person wants to teach the others about their country. So you could all select a night to make and share the typical dishes of your country- you could even write an international cookbook!

Practice and improve your languages

What language is spoken in an international flatshare? This question is often repeated. Although, deep down, is not it better to speak all languages? In fact, taking advantage of having to coexist during a course with foreigners to improve your English, French or even your Chinese, is a very nice and effective way to improve your level of languages.

Future perspectives

Meet people in a shared apartment, where different cultures coexist, and make contacts from all around the world. In addition to being able to make many friends, you can thus organise trips to visit all these different places!

Author: Roomlala