Taking Care of Animals in Exchange for a Room

Today, there are many different types of rentals, with accommodation in exchange for work being one of them. Accommodation in exchange for work is when a tenant gets a room in an individual’s home, in exchange for certain tasks or services. This form of renting is very popular amongst students, who often get accommodation in exchange for taking care of children or animals.

What exactly is accommodation in exchange for work?

Accommodation in exchange for services allows tenants to be accommodated without having to pay rent in the form of money to the landlord. Usually the tenant gets a spare room in the homeowner's house, and performs certain chores around the house instead of paying money for the room. Students who take up this form of renting usually take care of the homeowner's children or pets, and perform some household chores such as cleaning or cooking.

Helpful Tips

• Establish a quota of working hours with the homeowner

• Do not exceed 12 to 15 hours of weekly work

• Keep a written record of the work which you've carried out

Rent a room for taking care of animals

If you're a student who loves animals and is in need of cheap accommodation during your studies, then this form of renting is perfect for you! You save money while getting to take care of an animal. Also, this form of accommodation allows you to build a relationship with the homeowner.

chambre animaux The advantages of minding animals in exchange for accommodation

There are many benefits of minding animals in exchange for accommodation. Minding the homeowner's animals not only allows you to mind the pet that you never had, but it also creates a unique link between you and your host.

While you benefit from this form of renting, the landlord also benefits as they are not paying for services such as pet-sitting. It’s a win-win situation, plus if you’re a pet person then why wouldn’t you want to choose this alternative type of housing?

Author: Roomlala