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Studying in Manchester: What to Do and Where to Stay

Manchester is one of the UK’s most well known student cities. Situated in the northwest of England, this post-industrial city is home to many universities. The student population of Manchester is around 350,000 students, making Manchester one of the top student cities in the UK. This place is perfect for any student looking to immerse themselves in the student life. Keep reading to make sure you know what to do and where to stay during your studies in Manchester!

What to do

When studying in Manchester, make sure that before you start your studies, you see all of the well known tourist attractions. Why not start by visiting the Old Trafford stadium, home to the famous Manchester United football team and the second largest football stadium in the UK. If you’re into football, then this is the perfect place for you! Also, why not take a visit to the Etihad Stadium, home to the Manchester City football team. If you want to do get to know the history and culture of the city, consider a visit to the Museum of Science of and Industry, or the Manchester Museum.

Manchester is also known for its student nightlife. There are plenty of pubs and clubs situated around the city. Some well known student clubs include Baa Bar, which offers free entry and shots for £1, and 256 Wilmslow Road, which is a popular hangout for students due to their free entry and £2 largers. If you’re looking for a more relaxed atmosphere to hang out with your friends, then why not head to a pub? There are many choices with regards to pubs in Manchester, some mentions include; The King’s Arms (an old Victorian pub which brings together both classic and modern bar trends), the Font, Fallow Café, and Red Rum.

Where to stay

Looking for accommodation in Manchester can be difficult, especially if you’re a student looking for cheaper forms of accommodation. A lot of students sort house shares through one of the local student housing agencies, however if you’re looking for cheaper accommodation, then why not try alternative forms, then why not check out Roomlala.

On the site we have spare room rentals, work in exchange for accommodation, or flat-shares all at really afforable prices! When renting alternative, cheaper forms of accommodation, you have more money to spend on enjoying yourself during your studies in Manchester!

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Author: Roomlala