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Studying in Aberdeen: what to do and where to stay

Aberdeen is an extremely multicultural city in the North East of Scotland, which links to both old times and new. It’s home to Robert Gordon University and the University of Aberdeen which is one of the oldest universities in the UK (founded in 1495) as well as boasting endless picturesque architecture. It also has a vibrant nightlife and one of the “world’s top-rated coastlines” according to the National Geographic.

What to do

Aberdeen has a diverse selection of things to do like many other cities including an 18-hole crazy golf course on Aberdeen beach which is a great thing to do on a weekend or evening with friends. The beaches are second to none, as well as there being many amazing historic landscapes to see, such as castles that inspired the likes of Dracula and the Disney castle. What’s more, there is Trinity Shopping Centre and Union Square and Street where you can hit the shops if that’s your preference, with shops of all kind so most definitely something for you!

In regard to nightlife, Aberdeen is one of only 2 cities in Scotland to have the Purple Flag Award, which is essentially awarded to towns or cities that meet high standards in managing the evening and night time economy, so you can be sure to come across a lively, fun, safe and varied nightlife scene here.

Bars such as the University of Aberdeen and RGS’s Unions are a huge hit for students for a cheap and fun night out, as well as other ones like Scream Bars, The Bobbin and Triple Kirks. There is also a range of nightclubs within walking distance from the university’s campuses like Babylon, The Forum, Nox and many more to give you a great evening. Aberdeen also has a good music scene, with gigs on at places like Tunnels and you can check out what’s on at anytime here.

Where to stay

As for finding accommodation in Aberdeen, there are house shares on offer through several different companies for all around the city which is generally the done thing for university students when they move out of halls. On Roomlala, we offer a wide range of alternative accommodation from spare rooms to flatshares if that is what you would like to do. The rent for a spare room is considerably lower than that of a traditional rental. Also, renting cheaper forms of accommodation also allows you to have more money to spend on leisure during your studies!

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