Stay in a spare room during your business trips

Between business trips and training events, businesses have many reasons to send their employees all over the country and even abroad. These trips can be costly even if they do count as business expenses. Renting a spare room can be a great way to reduce expenditure for businesses and allow employees a more homely, interesting experience when travelling for work.

Accommodation for business travel: a high cost

For firms who regularly send employees away for work, the cost of accommodation can be a significant financial burden. They have to shell out for hotel rooms or apartment hotels by the night or week. The prices can quickly add up when using this type of accommodation, especially when travelling to expensive cities like London. There is also often a lack of appropriate or convenient options for employees, who may be forced to travel even while away to get to work.

The advantages of renting a spare room

Renting a spare room can be a great opportunity for businesses and employees to overcomes these restraints. Apart from the money saved, allowing businesses to cut back on expenditure, this solution provides a whole range of benefits for the employee. Renting a spare room from a local can offer practical, helpful links with the area, as their host can introduce them to others in the area and help them find their way around. Renting a room in a person’s home is also much more relaxing and convenient than staying in hotels, providing enough autonomy at a fraction of the cost. What is more, spare rooms and B&Bs are more likely to offer cheaper and better culinary opportunities – whether you cook for yourself or pay your host. It’s all the comfort of being at home when you can’t.

For all these reasons and more, renting a spare room with a host is an ingenious way of making business trips and training weekends a little easier for everyone involved – including the business!