Say goodbye to the Premium Pass and say hello to the Connect Pass

At the end of the year, Roomlala is evolving the Premium Pass into the Connect Pass. Keep reading to find out more!

What is different with the Connect Pass?

Up until now, if you wanted to exchange your contact details through Roomlala's messaging platform, we suggested you become a Premium member. If you also proceeded with online reservation, you were also required to pay for 2 services on Roomlala: your Premium Pass subscription + the service fee.

If you become a Connect member, you pay reduced service fees. You no longer need to chose between being a Connect member and paying service fees. And most importantly, you save money!

And if you were already subscribed to the Premium membership? Do not worry: only the name has changed for you. You will still benefit from the possibility of sharing your contact details in your Roomlala inbox or access to the list of potential tenants.

What exactly are the advantages of the Connect Pass?

As a basic member, you can not share your contact details through Roomlala. You can only chat through our messaging. → In becoming a Connect member, you can share your contact details and communicate by email, phone, or even schedule a meeting or visit.

As a basic member, the reservation can only be made through Roomlala. You also pay the service fees. → In becoming a Connect member, you pay reduced service fees.

The landlords, meanwhile, can always offer their ads to potential tenants from the section "My ads" > "Tenants". A quick link is also on the right of your dashboard.