Roommates When Abroad: A Good or Bad Idea

Dreaming of roommates like those in “Auberge Espagnole?” Ones that will lead to you taking part in an enriching community? Words fail to describe how many benefits there are to an experience such as this. They can also fail to describe the nightmare that can ensue if some basic rules are not followed.

Although there can be difficult moments, they can be avoided, and quite frankly, they are not that different than those of any other living situation. The risks of having a nightmarish experience are low, and the number of benefits is high, so there is no reason not to try it out at least once. Continue with us as we explore the world of benefits of having international roommates as well as explain potential sources of conflict and teach you how to avoid them.

Open Up The Doors of Discovery

Why not opt for a shared space with people from all different parts of the world. It's the perfect way to become more cultured and open up your mind. You will discover the customs and day-to-day habits of people from all different walks of life. Plus, you'll even be able to explore cuisine from all different places from the people who make it best. You'll also have the opportunity to discover aspects about family life and maybe even learn a new language!

While there are so many different positive aspects to living with people from other countries, there can also be disadvantages and it definitely requires effort from everyone involved to make sure that everything goes well.

The Downside to Going Global

Living with a roommate from your own country, who shares the same culture as you can be hard, so it's no surprise it can be even more difficult when you add cultural and language differences into the mix.

Living with people of different nationality is made substantially easier if you try to adapt to cultural differences. If they realize that you are trying to make them feel more comfortable, they will definitely try to do the same for you, especially if you communicate the things that bother you the most, like the amount of personal space one roommate is culturally accustomed to, or the eating habits of another—especially since they never offer you any.

Furthermore, language barriers can make for a myriad of misunderstandings. Someone can feel offended by the manner they are spoken to despite the other person's desire to be well-intentioned. This style of accommodation, for this reason, requires more patience and understanding. Try to convey your feelings in the clearest way possible. Keep in mind that each culture has its own methods of conveying ideas.

Assuming that everyone can try their best to adapt to the cultural differences of others, there should be no reason why anything goes wrong and you will benefit from a truly magical experience.