Roommates from Cult TV Shows: Friends

Living with a roommate is not an easy thing to do, even if you’re friends. Many TV shows focus on roommates, showing us their daily life and the ups and downs that come with sharing a space. Friends is one of the most popular shows of this kind. Here’s a little recap on the famous roommates, whose personality traits will definitely ring a few bells.

Monica, the clean freak

Monica Geller, Ross’s sister, is known for being a clean freak, bordering on OCD. Whilst living in her grandmother’s old apartment with Rachel, then in later seasons with Chandler, she keeps it in order with military precision. The coffee table must always be an equal distance from the sofa and the TV. Monica also loves having people over, she’s the main host in the series, having all the gang over for holiday dinners. You must have had, or at least dreamed of having (it’s pretty practical after all) a roommate like that, right?

Rachel, beautiful but (a bit) ditzy

Rachel Green, Monica’s childhood friend, makes her first appearance in the series as a spoilt daddy’s girl. She gradually moves towards independence as the seasons progress, beginning as a waitress at Central Perk and eventually becoming an executive in the fashion world. Rachel has a tenacious personality, but finds herself being belittled by her friends. She doesn’t do a great deal in the apartment, except show off her good looks and sense of humour.

Phoebe, the weird one

Phoebe Buffay is one of the gang from the start of the show. She has a twin sister who can’t stand her and lives by the lie that her grandmother fed her about her real parents, that is until she uncovers the deception over the course of time. Phoebe grew up on the streets and is kind of the weird one in the group, with her half-brother who is just as strange and her sometimes eccentric conquests. She’s also an artist who sings (badly), plays the guitar and is the proud creator of (slightly scary) paintings. Does she remind you of anyone?

Friends Flatshare Joey, the good-looking big-eater

Joey Tribbiani is almost a caricature of the Italian pretty boy within the group, with his faults that make him who he is. Joey is a big eater and is not necessarily the brightest bulb in the bunch. He is, however, very attached to his roommate Chandler, with whom he shares everything and from whom he borrows a lot of money. Joey is essentially an actor who has had little success, despite his role as Doctor Drake Ramoray. Joey often brings home his conquests for the night, leaving Chandler to deal with them in the morning of course.

Chandler, the consummate comedian

Both Joey and Ross’s best friend, Chandler Bing is characterized by his sense of humour, which he claims to be a defense mechanism. Always with a joke up his sleeve, Chandler is pretty unsuccessful with women (before Monica) and blames it on his first name and several formative episodes. He’s a funny roommate with a heart of gold!

Ross, the divorcé

Ross Geller, Monica’s brother and one of Chandler’s best friends, has 2 children and has been married 3 times. He’s also been divorced three times and as a result has become the butt of many jokes on the subject. Ross is the intellectual and the romantic of the group. He lives alone for most of the series, then becomes Rachel’s roommate when little Emma is brought into the world.

You’ve most likely already met roommates with some of the same personality traits as those described here. Friends loves playing on the little faults and idiosyncrasies of each roommate, to highlight how to successfully share an apartment. Keep on top of the cleaning, but not obsessively, avoid spending too long in the bathroom and always have food in the fridge (sharing the cost equally). Don’t forget that you can find lots of useful advice on our blog 10 rules for a Successful Flatshare. You can also check out the ads for flat/house shares with a room available on Roomlala!

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