Revamping Old Furniture

Do you have unused furniture at home that’s too old looking, inelegant or just damaged? Here are some simple tips to take something that’s an eyesore and make it a pleasant centre or attention.

Why Redecorate? Whether you’re looking to give character to a room just so that it makes you happier, or whether you’re trying to rent the space out, a simple coat of paint can do wonders! It’s the simplest way to add colour to a room without breaking the bank. Wall paint can add a single wall of colour, an entire new feel to the room and even make that drab furniture look like it is the newest and trendiest thing out there!

Revamping Your Furniture Whether it is an unsightly chest of drawers, a chair, a table or even a bookshelf, there are ways to make any piece of furniture look great!

Any piece of wood furniture can easily be changed to look brand new. New handles can add an entirely new look to a simple chest of drawers. Add a colourful handle or anything that really speaks to you! If the furniture is waxed, you can even remove the wax varnish from it and five it an entirely new colour. It sounds hard, but it’s actually quite simple! All you need to do is take steel wool and clean the wax off the wood. Then use sandpaper to expose the fibres. Once done you can add a new colour to the wood. Then, when you are ready for a new colour repeat the process! Just remember, whenever you apply a new coat of paint or wax that it is important that you work in the same direction as the fibre of the wood. Last thing that you will have to do is apply a clear coat, just to seal in the colour!

If you have a chair, you can even reupholster is! Get some fabric and stretch it around the seat until it is uniform. Then use a staple gun to secure your new stylish chair! You would be amazed at how much a new cushion colour can bring colour to your room