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Renting a Modern or Older House: Which to Choose?

The search for a home inevitably raises the question of whether it is better to rent in an old or newly-built property. Between the charm of the old and the latest gadgets of the new, the choice can be difficult. To help you in your search for accommodation, we have put together the advantages and disadvantages of these 2 options.

The pros and cons of living in an old house

There is nothing quite like the character of a wooden staircase and exposed beams- renting an old property allows to have access to unparalleled architecture with some features which can really make a house. Supply is important, and with there being plenty of older homes around, you the choice of many properties, many of which are located in the historic centers of wonderful cities. In addition, renting in an older home allows you to take advantage of often much lower rental charges than in new, so you can widen your search for new homes and often get a bit more for your money.

There are however of course drawbacks that exist if you decide to rent an older property, the weaker insulation of housing probably being the most notable. Old buildings were not built with materials as good and insulating as those nowadays, which means lots of older homes suffer a lot of heat loss and noise nuisances between neighbors. So although you could be saving on the rent, this weaker insulation can generate high heating loads, and thus costs. What's more, electrics such as the wiring of the house and boiler will also not be as up-to-date which could mean for issues with the functioning of those which can be very inconvenient.

The pros and cons of living in a modern house

Deciding to rent in a newer homer, has the advantage of giving you access to properties with much more updated decoration and amenities, and of course new and thus better insulation. The heating loads are then optimised, thanks to the quality of the materials used for the construction of the building, so as a consequence the bills for that should be lower. In addition, renting a new home can also allow you to benefit from a parking space, which is not always the case in the old.

However, general costs in new builds are often higher than in old, because the buildings include services such as lifts, high level security, and the latest kitchen equipment.

Thus, in your search for housing, you will have a choice to make about which accommodation type you think would suit you better. To help you decide, check out all of our room listings directly on our site Roomlala.