Rentals: What Does the Landlord Pay For

Every lease that is signed between a landlord and a tenant requires that the distribution of work is mentioned. Even with this mentioned, there can be sources of disputes between the landlord and the tenant. Here we will explore who is obligated to do what.

What Must the Owner Pay for? We must first mention that the owner must provide a decent accommodation to the tenant. If the landlord does not provide a satisfactory level of accommodation, they are breaking the law. If anything in the accommodation changes so that it is no longer habitable, than it is the responsibility of the landlord to cover and costs that must be paid. One must discuss in this way exactly how things will be paid for. Some landlords will ask you to pay and attach the receipt when you pay your rent. They will then deduct the amount of the receipt from the amount owed, alternatively some may just send contractors to fix the work and have a prearranged agreement.

The owner also has the legal obligation to keep the apartment in good working order. All equipment in the accommodation must be in working order and must operate appropriately. This includes the heating as well. If there are any problems with any heating/cooling/water fixtures, they cost falls directly on the landlord.

What Must the Tenant Pay for? As a tenant, you are in charge of the upkeep of the housing and must make all minor repairs in the apartment. This concerns for example the replacement of bulbs, or support the replacement of a broken mirror, even if by accident. You must maintain the walkways of your home, while maintaining the good condition of the devices and walls. When in doubt, it is important to inform the owner directly to inform them of what is wrong with the housing and do with him what is the responsibility of the tenant. You will keep your faucets for example by removing much lime deposits, replace or reseal seals as well as repair any holes in the walls.

It is important to note that if the equipment is outdated, than it may require that the owner pats for the replacements. Alternatively, if a crack appears in your wall or a storm has caused leaking water, then it is the responsibility of the owner.