Redesigning Your Bathroom

You likely spend about 45 minutes per day in the bathroom. That’s a lot of time, and it’s also probably where you spend the beginning of your day. So if your bathroom doesn’t make you feel welcome, how are you supposed to have an good day? Here are some tips to revamp your bathroom, giving it a facelift, but at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional.

Relook the floor and walls of your bathroom

The easiest solution is to paint! It might only take an hour or two to completely repaint your bathroom. The moisture from the water in your bathroom can make your old paint job look worn out. Make your space look fresh and clean by adding a new layer of color to your walls. Painting your space can completely change the room’s feel. For instance, a charcoal gray brings modernity to the room.

Another great fix can be changing the tiles. This may seem really hard to do, but now there are quick ways to replace your tiles without making too much of a mess. Stick to large tiles - they are more trendy and are easier to add to your space!

The most important thing to bear in mind is that you should NEVER use wallpaper on your walls. This will collect moisture and be an area where mold can grow. Stick to satin and water resistant-paints. That way, you will be able to wash your walls safely.

The shower

The bath takes up a lot of the space in a bathroom, especially the smaller ones. To easily save space, why not install a walk-in shower. A shower will save you an incredible amount of space. By opening up your space, you will have more room for storage, and make a cramped room seem far more comfortable.

Shower or bath, did you know that you can replace your old shower curtain with something more modern? A glass shower screen or bath screen offers much better protection against moisture, while also adding a touch of design to the room at a relatively low cost.

Regarding furniture

If you feel that there is a lack of space in your bathroom, it might be a good idea to rearrange the furniture. If you have a simple square-shaped bathroom, it’s best to arrange your furniture on the two sides so that you create a nice space in the middle. If your bathroom is longer, use only one side of the wall for your furniture to open up a space for you to walk around. You should consider opting for suspended furniture. This will bring an airy atmosphere to your bathroom while freeing up space on the floor, for your laundry basket for example.

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Author: Roomlala