Preparing to move: mistakes to avoid

Preparing to move house is a daunting tasks, but a necessary one. Even the most laidback, carefree soul needs to think through their move so that all goes well on Moving Day. Here is a list of the most common mistakes to avoid if you want to minimise stress and avoid disaster on the day.

1. Don’t forget your admin

Moving house is not simply packing boxes and moving to another place. It might be the least fun aspect of the adventure that is moving house, but there are some crucial things you must do. A few important procedures: • Terminate your rental contract depending on the terms outlined in the contract • Schedule meter readings for both properties • Notify all important organisations and businesses of your change of address : insurance, bank, health insurance, the government, Internet provider… • Remember to give your new address to anyone who might need it – your grandparents, magazine subscriptions etc.

2. Don’t rush your packing

Even if you’re one of those people who can (and does) manage to fit everything in at the last minute, now is not the time for it. When it comes to packing, it is really worth taking your time to do everything properly and to sort out your things before you start to pack. Try to sort and pack all your things by category or room and to write what’s in each box on the outside. You’ll thank yourself once you’ve arrived and you can’t remember which one has your kettle and which has your pillows.

Similarly, think about protecting fragile objects and not cramming too much into your boxes. Don’t forget that you will have to transport them and that once you’re there you might have to lug them up and down stairs.

Another useful tip – make sure to keep the necessary last-minute cleaning and DIY kit available for moving day. You might want to clean up those hidden corners and make a few last minute fixes before your inventory.

3. Remember the importance of logistics

It sounds obvious but is easy to forget – you must work out how to get all your stuff to your new place in advance. Normally, a car won’t quite fit everything in, especially if you’re transporting clunky furniture or white goods. You can rent a small van or hire a moving company. Whatever you decide, you need to estimate how much stuff you’ll be taking and work out how much it will cost. If you are renting, compare prices and extra charges. For removal companies, check out their prices and reviews before deciding who to go with.

If you’re counting on the help of family or friends, warn them well in advance so that they can save the date.

4. Remember your inventory

As a tenant, you are expected to leave the apartment in a decent state. If there are any holes, dents or damages, see if you can repair them before moving out. Equally, you are in charge of the maintenance of certain household items: make sure you know what is your responsibility and what is the landlord’s so you don’t get caught out before moving out.

Ignoring these repairs or upkeep could cost you your deposit – which will cost you a lot more than the cost of repairing it yourself.

5. Don’t plan your move for a Sunday or a Bank Holiday

Although it might seem more convenient, it could turn out to be a nightmare. If you are missing a role of parcel tape to close up the final box or a screwdriver to dismantle your bed, you could find yourself stuck. Finding a shop open that sells the right one could be a lot harder than on another day. The most popular day to move house is Friday, as it gives you the weekend to unpack. Whichever day you choose, make sure to plan ahead!

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Author: Roomlala