Moving to Birmingham as a student

Birmingham is one of Britain's most vibrant student cities, and with a student population of around 65,000 students, it is the second largest student city in the UK. Many students venture here from both around the UK and abroad to experience all that Birmingham has to offer. Read on to find out what there is to do and how to find your perfect accommodation.

What to do

From the nightlife to the culture, this city is packed with things to do for students. One of the most popular things to do here is to eat a “Birmingham Balti”. This is a type of curry which is believed to have been invented in the city itself, and there’s a certain area in the city where you can find a number of curry houses. If you like the outdoors, then there’s more than 600 parks situated around the city, where you can spend the day relaxing under the sun with your friends! For any of you chocolate lovers, Birmingham is home to Cadbury World- you can go and get a tour of the origin of Cadburys chocolate, and you can even create your own Cadburys chocolate too!

If you’re looking to experience student nightlife, there are plenty of bars and clubs which suit every music taste! Some notable mentions include Players, Risa and Walkabout. These clubs also offer cheap drink deals, so you can rest assured that you’ll have a good time! If you’re just looking to go for a few casual drinks with some friends, then you should head to Bacchus Bar. The oldest known bar in Birmingham, this place is styled in a medieval manner, and provides a great atmosphere for anyone looking to feel like they’re in Hogwarts! Bacchus Bar is also known for its ales from across the UK.

Where to stay

As for finding accommodation in Birmingham, there are house shares on offer through several different companies for all around the city which is generally the done thing for university students when they move out of halls. On Roomlala, we offer a wide range of alternative accommodation from spare rooms to flatshares if that is what you would like to do. The rent for a spare room is considerably lower than that of a traditional rental. Also, renting cheaper forms of accommodation also allows you to have more money to spend on leisure during your studies!

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Author: Roomlala