Living in a Flatshare with Siblings

After investigating whether or not living in an all male flatshare is a good idea, we explore in this article the benefits of a flatshare between siblings. Roomlala lays out all the advantages and disadvantages of a family flatshare.

What are the advantages of a flatshare between siblings?

In addition to the many benefits that come with a flatshare such as savings from your housing budget, shared utility bills, and having someone to talk to at home, sharing with a brother or sister offers a myriad of other advantages. In fact, you and your siblings have already been roommates. The fact that you already know each other means that you won’t be unpleasantly surprised by any of one another’s habits. Furthermore, the age difference is relatively small, meaning you minimise the risk of having an older roommate with different expectations of the flatsharing experience. Lastly, just the fact that you are siblings lets you count on each other more, which can definitely be appreciated when running into any problems.

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What should you be wary of?

A flatshare is quite the experience, so if you’re not very close with your brother or sister, living together might not fix things. Indeed, your new lifestyle as roommates shouldn’t be the same as when you were with your parents. You don’t want to be stuck in the past. Moreover, it could be equally difficult to get your money back from your brother or sister if they’re late with the rent or bills.

Living in a flatshare with siblings can therefore be a great adventure that facilitates leaving the nest and becoming independent, particularly through the sharing of rent. However, you’ll need to be sure to respect the common rules so that the experience doesn’t turn into a source of family drama.

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Author: Roomlala