Is flatsharing only for students?

The preconceived idea that only students go into flat shares is completely wrong. In this social phenomena where they exist under the influence of the collaborative economy, sharing a flat has become of interest to many different social groups; friends, strangers, workers... Are you thinking of sharing a flat? Here are a few reasons that will help you take the plunge.

The increase in the variation of social groups

Sometimes, when we think of the idea of sharing a flat, words like "disorder", "chaos", "madness" come to our mind ... This couldn’t be further from reality; shared flats have grown enormously in recent years and are in fact the preferred option for certain social groups. Recent studies carried out in Spain and abroad determine that the ‘stereotypical tenant profile’ has evolved- today, 55% of people who share apartments are over 25 years old, and 27% are more than 35!

In terms of gender, it is pretty much equal. In fact, the number of women who choose to live in this way is slightly higher than that of men.

The underlying elements of this social phenomenon

In addition to allowing you to save on rent, flat sharing allows you, as the renter, to access more spacious homes, which is a huge bonus for students. So, the underlying elements that explain the increase of shared flats are many; on the one hand, we have the evolution of the way of life, with an increase in the number of divorces, which makes many singles prefer to live with a another person rather than alone. Likewise, certain economic situations, such as job cuts, which are increasing in number today, generate the urgent need to find cheaper rent.

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Author: Roomlala