How to Optimise Your Desk Space

Working at home and no choice but to set up your work desk in a tiny room? We have some handy hints to optimise your space and make it easier to set up a desk in a smaller space.

Optimise space by creating two distinct zones

To work or study efficiently in your room, it is important to create a dedicated space. The first step is to separate the night zone from the work zone. For example, if you want to organise a small, rectangular room with a window on one of the shorter walls, we have the solution. Place the bed in the centre of the room lengthways near the window so that you can see out of it when you’re in bed (feet near the window).

Next, create a headboard and place it behind the head of the bed in order to separate the night space from the work zone. It should be the same width as the bed and about a metre higher. Behind this headboard, arrange the desk so you can see out of the window while working there. Behind you, place a tall bookcase or cabinet to store your work documents. You could put a long, low item of furniture alongside the bureau and a part of the bed – it can then be used as a nightstand or an extra workspace.

Play with colours to create two different vibes

The role of colours is very important in interior design. On the ‘night’ side, paint the headboard a colour ideal for relaxation such as mauve, pink or pale green. On the ‘work’ side, you could paint the wall behind in blue, a colour which helps concentration.

These colours will also help to define the space and allow you to transform your room into an office and a bedroom in the most efficient way. By using the furniture in this way and choosing these colour schemes, you will be able to profit from a work atmosphere at your desk and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere in your bed. You will also benefit from the outside light thanks to the view out of the window!


Author: Roomlala