Flatsharing in Spain

Spain is one of the dream destinations for students studying abroad on the Erasmus programme. The attractive climate, the low cost of living and the beautiful towns and cities across the country go some way to explaining its appeal for Students. Roomlala has come up with the advantages of flatsharing while in Spain and a how you can cut your accommodation costs at the same time.

What are the benefits of flatsharing in Spain?

Flatsharing is one option which has a great many benefits for students, particularly those studying abroad. It is a great way of saving money in the long term, as the rental cost will be lower and your household bills and expenses can be shared between two or more people. The average cost of a flatshare in Spain is €245 a month. You also benefit from a much larger living space than a single flat or studio. It can also be a brilliant way of integrating yourself into the country and culture, as you can meet new people and benefit from their local knowledge. You can even improve your language this way!


Finding a flatshare on Roomlala

Thanks to Roomlala, your search for a flatshare need not be a nightmare. You can search for the town, city or region you’d like to visit or the area near your host university and see all of our ads for that area. You can then choose the location and flatmates that suit you, all while making some significant savings ! The average cost of a flatshare in Madrid, for example, is €361 per month, which will making moving to Madrid and studying there a whole lot easier! The average cost for a flatshare in Barcelona is slightly higher, at €384 per month, while a flatshare in Valencia is much cheaper at €298 per month. There’s nothing left for you to do but discover the city and country you choose to make your home and make the most of the local surroundings with a bit more cash in your pocket!

Author: Roomlala