Flatshare or Homeshare: Which is Right For You?

Looking for a cheap solution to your rental needs? Here at Roomlala we are happy to present you with two excellent solutions: flatshares and homestays. The two concepts are similar in many ways, but each does have its own positives as well drawbacks. When deciding which is right for you, there are many things to consider, but mainly your own personality and how you are most comfortable living.

Flatmates: the solution with a community life If you hate being alone and prefer to be social, go for the flatmate!

With a flatmate, you will share everything: the rent, the expenses, the household chores, and even the fun. More often than not, flatmates are often about the same age which means they typically have many things in common. They’ll prefer the same bars, the same movies, and often have similar schedules. This means it is common that flatmates actually become friends.

As a result, it is often common that privacy is somewhat lost. Considering you will spend so much time together and maybe even become lifelong friends it can be difficult to draw the line of where your friendship ends and your responsibilities as flatmates begin. This can be a source of conflict, however if everyone pitches in the same amount of work and everyone works together for the common good of each other; this can be the ideal living situation!

The homestay: the right compromise between sharing and privacy If you prefer to meet others while retaining a level of privacy, you may find the concept of the homestay to be preferable.

The homestay can be perfect. It allows you to have a wall of privacy while having the option to open doors to new relationships. It does not come with the pressure to be as social as with a flatshare as most landlords in this style of accommodation know that you may want your alone time, and they probably want theirs too! You can, of course, spend time with the other residents in the house, but it’s quite easy to hide away in your room without offending anyone.

The other benefit is that, with a homestay, you will likely pay an incredibly low rent and pay little to no taxes on the accommodation.

The only complaint people have is that sharing certain areas can be found difficult by some, but with good organization and planning, there’s no way a homeshare can go wrong!