Finding a Summer Job

The arrival of the summer holiday marks the end of the academic year and the beginning of a lot of free time for you as a student. With all this free time, it makes sense that a lot of students seek to find a source of income, especially since the expenses of university are so extremely high. Seventy-three percent of students, according to a CareerBuilder survey work to finance their studies. Here are 5 tips to easily find a summer job.

Prepare in advance

If you have little or no experience, the search can be hard. That is why it is best to start early. Do not wait for the start of the holiday to start looking for interviews. For governments, it is even better to do it at least 6 months in advance. For small businesses, this can range from 2 months before to a few days. While jobs will always pop up, it is always easier to find a job before the demand is high.

Prepare your resume to highlight your strengths Again, if you have little experience, do not hesitate to add strengths on your resume. While your experience might not be able to make you stand out, your strengths will. Add languages you can speak, your volunteer commitments and any other features of your personality and who can play in your favor . Are you passionate about new technologies, photography? Add it. Also put your trips abroad to promote your candidacy. The goal is to achieve an attractive and above all clear CV, which must quickly show your experience and strengths. Do not hesitate to consult the many models present everywhere on the web.

Identify your needs and your targets

There is no point you jump headlong into research student job if you do not know what you are looking for. You must know what you want to do: If you do not like offices, orient yourself agriculture or events for example. Many festivals also recruit for seasonal work during the summer. If you prefer working in office, small business, survey companies, banks or insurance workers seeking students during the summer.

Use your network

Do not stay alone in the student job search process, your family and friends can help you! Feel free to ask them if they know a business, colleagues, friends who would seek seasonal employees. Also, check job offers in local schools and similar organizations.

Never be discouraged Job search, seasonal or not, is often punctuated many negative responses. But do not take it personally, finding work in the current economic environment is difficult and you have to persevere. Your summer student job will allow you to forge an experience of fieldwork, to build up a nest egg for outings or to please and you will have a resume that will grow a little more each year.

If you still want to go elsewhere this summer, you can also find a summer job abroad. It is ideal for progress in another language. We give you some tips in a previous article here.

Source photo: Artie Limmer