Find a Spare Room in Dublin

Spending some time in Dublin, the heart of Ireland, is extemely refreshing. This city gives off such an exciting atmosphere with so much music and general hustle and bustle. Here you will find places full of life, including a multitude of pubs, each one more friendly and welcoming than the last. Opting for a spare room in a private home will reduce your housing budget while also leaving you able to enjoy the charms of the city.

What are Dublin’s Highlights?

Dublin is a cosmopolitan city which welcomes a myriad of Erasmus students every year. In the heart of a diverse population, you’ll appreciate the city’s dynamism which features several hotspots for a night out, such as the famous Temple Bar, its most lively scene. Here, you will regularly find the locals of Dublin who come to listen to traditional music in their neighbourhood pub. You can also visit the home of Guinness, as well as the Old Jameson Distillery, which make the city’s reputation. You can even go bet on a greyhound race! Between shops and restaurants, Dublin also offers opportunities for recreational shopping, and allows you to discover the character of Ireland and the friendliness of its inhabitants.

Dublin Irlande

Have you thought about a spare room rental?

Dublin loses out on the benefits of these qualities due to its very high rent prices, caused by sustained demand. The capital of Ireland is thus the 6th most expensive city in Europe, with prices constantly on the rise. If you want to live for a few months or even a year in Dublin without breaking the bank, renting a spare room is an excellent option. Indeed, this option does not require any agency fees and offers the advantage of sharing the expenses with the landlord. Furthermore, to discover Ireland and its cutoms, renting a room in Dublin will allow you to benefit from the advice of a local.

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