Erasmus: The Cost of Renting a Room in Paris

Are you about set out for Paris for your year abroad? Or are you already there, but in need of longer-term accommodation and don’t really know what your budget should be? Well, we’ve put together some information for you, so that you know what to expect, above all, when renting from a resident landlord.

Student Accommodation in Paris

As the biggest city in France with the highest concentration of students, Paris has 56 university owned halls of residence and 30 more student specific accommodation buildings- this kind of accommodation definitely does have a financial advantage. Due to the shortage of space, however, in these accommodation buildings, many students are turning towards privately rented studios, with even higher rent and that aren’t even necessarily in better locations.

An excellent alternative is renting a room from a resident landlord in Paris. On Roomlala, you can find lots of offers of rooms to rent all over Paris and you can directly contact a landlords, who would be delighted to host you.

Paris is the Most Expensive City in France

The French capital has always been known as a place where education, culture and French heritage come together, so understandably, Paris has the highest rent of any French city. With a population of 2.24 million recorded in 2012, accommodation is essentially both scarce and expensive. The monthly cost of renting a room from a resident landlord has gone up to 532 euros per month, which is seems pretty reasonable in comparison with the 800 euros a month that students pay on average for a studio in Paris.

According to research carried out based on the ads on Roomlala, the Île-de-France region is by far the most expensive area in France in terms of the cost of living with a resident. The average monthly rent for a room in the home of the landlord is 417 euros, which is 50 euros higher than the region that came in second (Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur).

Find Accomodation in Paris

Thanks to Roomlala, prepare for your stay in France and easily find accomodation in Paris. Different solutions are available to you to reduce your budget, including flatshares and seasonal rentals.

The offers on Roomlala are regularly updated, so don’t be afraid to look several times to find the perfect accommodation for you.

Author : Roomlala