Erasmus: Study Abroad in Nice

The charm of Nice

Nice is a beautiful city, so it's no surprise that it's one of France's top Erasmus destinations for people to study abroad. This city has a lot to offer, and there are so many activities you can do here; in the morning, why not take a stroll along the beach and watch the sunrise? Nice is packed with bustling streets, very student friendly, with a lot of student accommodation and there’s no shortage of bars and shops too!

Going to study abroad on Erasmus Nice has endless advantages. The first is that there are so many beautiful attractions here. Pierre Gautier Plaza, the Chapel of Mercy, Prefecture Palace, and the Place of Rossetti are just a few notable tourist attractions. If you want to take in the fresh air, why not head to the Gardens of Paillon, which separate the old town of Nice from the more modern part of the city. The bars which are located on the mountain slopes are ideal for having a few drinks and watching the beautiful sunset.

Student life in Nice

If you want to make the most out of your student life whilst here on Erasmus, then there's no shortage of bars in this city. Visit the Bulldog bar where there are live concerts every evening. This rock and roll bar creates a real student atmosphere. Why not have a few beers with your mates and listen to the live music? In the heart of the old town, is a great Irish pub called Akator. This place is great for cheap drinks and meeting other students too. Another bar, Jonathan’s, is perfect for catching up with some friends, and boasts a chilled, friendly atmosphere. If you want to do something else other than drink, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art is 100% free!

Accommodation in Nice

Why not save some money when you study abroad by finding cheap accommodation in Nice on Roomlala.

• Renting a spare room: is the perfect cheap alternative to traditional renting. This form of renting allows you to spend less money on rent, and also you can get tourist advice from the owner.

Accommodation in exchange for work: A great form of accommodation for students looking to spend little to nothing on rent. All you have to do is simple tasks for the owner in exchange for a bed and a roof over your head!

• Find a roommate in Nice: A great way to find a place is to find a roommate. It's a great way to meet new people on your Erasmus study abroad year, and also it's cheaper than getting your own place.

These offers change frequently, so make sure you check them regularly in order to find your perfect accommodation in Nice! Why not also check out some of our other blogs such as the Benefits of Living with International Flatmates and All you need to know about the Erasmus Grant.

Author : Roomlala