Erasmus: Study Abroad in Nantes

Are you studying abroad in Nantes, or planning on doing so? Here are some tips to help you discover the town and make the most of your move to Nantes.

The Charm of the North

With over 51,000 students descending upon the city every year, Nantes is attracting more and more young people and as a result is one of the top 5 university towns in France. It is important to note that Nantes has always had a rich cultural life, thus there’s lots to do. You cannot go to Nantes without checking out the Cathédrale Saint-Pierre which looms majestically over the town centre. You can stroll along the side of the Château des Ducs de Bretagne, or even visit the musée d’histoire de Nantes for a unique journey into the past of the town.

Part of being in Nantes is going to the exhibitions at the Jardin des Plantes, seeing the memorial of the abolition of slavery and taking in the general charm of the island. In this part of Nantes you can discover the magical world of the “Machines de l’île” and lots of relaxing activities to do in both summer and winter.

More Things to Do in Nantes

As a student, you’re going to find that there’s so much to do in Nantes. It's a fantastic student town, with loads of exhibitions and art shows. If you’re in search of a cultural evening out, Le Lieu Unique is a bar that hosts both exhibitions and converts. The beer’s not bad value there either!

You could also head out to Stéréolux, a cool spot on the island, where you can go to cheap concerts and workshops. In terms of bars, you can get pints for only 3€ at La Scierie and it’s always full of students. The Bouffay quarter is also known for its bars and night-life.

If you’re into cinema, you could go to Katorza, where you’ll find original festivals at around 6€ a pop, so it doesn’t break the student budget. In terms of nights out, the disco-like Fox Trot, right in the town centre, is a student hot-spot.

Finding Accommodation in Nantes

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Author: Roomlala