DIY Tips: Zen Living

Light, warm colours, fresh scents… It doesn’t take much to immediately make you feel good in a place. Zen interior design inspires relaxation and tranquility. By following a few simple design suggestions, you too can create a calm, relaxing space that gives you energy.

The importance of light

There is nothing less welcoming than a gloomy room. In order for us to feel good in a room, we need to have as much light as possible in a room. This can be through windows, wall lights, lamps or candles. They also provide a great way to decorate your walls, ceiling, floors or work space.

A room which is alive…

Being around flowers and plants in your living space is extremely relaxing. The sudden smell of a rose which has just come into bloom and watering a nice shrub that exists solely for you can evoke positive and natural sentiments in us all. The pleasant colours and smells of plants can also have a positive impact on the ambiance of your zen home.

… and natural

To make your living room more alive, choose natural materials for your furniture and decoration, such as wood. Its warm feel will add another dimension to your zen room.

Take joy in colours

Choosing your colours well is key to creating a harmonious design. As well as livening up your drab walls, bright, clear colours will inject joy and life into your living room or your kitchen.

Don’t go overboard

Cluttered rooms give the impression of being crowded and stifling, which makes it harder to relax. We advise you to go for the most refined look possible, and to limit yourself on the colours. Your soul will thank you, when you are able to sit back and admire everything in peace.

Author: Roomlala