DIY : 5 ways to store your cutlery

The DIY trend is getting more and more popular as a way of easily resolving day-to-day problems. As a student, you might not have much time to tidy your place up, so it’s a good idea to think of solutions that will help you keep it in order in the long term. By making your own cutlery storage, you can find a cool, fun way of avoiding cutlery being left all over the kitchen

Tip 1: Re-use tin cans

Tin cans have great re-usage potential around the home, especially as a way of storing things. To knock up a few cutlery holders, start by attaching the tins to a pre-cut plank or woodblock using nails. With two rows of three cans, you’ll have 6 handy pots perfectly adapted to holding all your cutlery and kitchen bits and bobs. To finish off, paint the cans in a colour which matches your interior colour scheme. You might want to add a strap or handle so that you can transport it easily.

DIY can cutlery holder

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DIY 6 can cutlery

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Tip 2: jars

If you’re not convinced by tin cans or you like something a bit more transparent (or you simply have a few lying around), use jars to store your cutlery and utensils. As ever in DIY, you can decorate them however you like for a bit of personal style – use masking tape, paint or permanent markers to create a design that works for you.

Jam jars cutlery holders

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Tip 3: a bit of wood and material

Another alternative for making your own cutlery holders is to take rectangles of material and affix them to planks of wood in order to create a pocket which can hold your knives, forks and spoons. Use a jigsaw (not the puzzle) to cut your wood to the right shape and carve a handle which can be attached to the wall using a wall bracket. Choose a material that contrasts with the wood to give an original but chic touch to your cutlery holders.

wooden cutlery holders

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Tip 4: reinvent your flower pots

Old ceramic flowerpots can be repurposed as trendy cutlery holders. You could even add your own personal touch with chalk pens or varnish glue. This unique touch will bring your garden into your kitchen and can become part of your zen interior.

flower pots cutlery holders


Tip 5: wicker baskets

An old wicker basket that you or your gran used to use for heading to the supermarket could be given a new lease of life as a cutlery holder. By adding internal compartments, you can arrange your cutlery accordingly and add a quaint pastoral charm to your kitchen at the same time. All that’s left now is to organise the rest of your kitchen!

Author: Roomlala