Discover Sweden on Erasmus

With nearly 30,000 students per year, Sweden is a major player in the Erasmus programme. Its landscape, natural sites, cosmopolitan cities, rich culture, Northern Lights, and friendly people all play a part in making Sweden a popular destination for Erasmus students.

What is the Erasmus Programme?

Erasmus is a student exchange programme between major European universities and colleges. The Erasmus programme operates in the 28 E.U. Member States, plus the Republic of Macedonia, Iceland, Norway, Turkey, and Lichtenstein.

Erasmus is the abbreviation for European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students. Created in 1987, the Erasmus Programme is name after the Dutch philosopher Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam. The philosopher had travelled across Europe to develop his knowledge and gain new insights into different cultures. Since the creation of the Erasmus programme, more than 3 million students have participated across the E.U.

Why choose Sweden for your Erasmus destination?

The Swedish education system has attracted a lot of students from around the world. Sweden has a lot to offer students, with a modernised education system focusing on growing and developing students, and providing them with the skills needed to succeed in the modern world. However the education system isn't the only reason why many students choose to study here.

Trips to the small islands off the coast of Bohuslän are very enriching experiences for students. Also, the inevitable "Liseberg" theme park is a must see for students. Being the largest Scandinavian theme park, it's one of the most popular tourist attractions in Sweden.

Stockholm is the epicentre of Swedish nightlife. Here students go out on a Friday night when the college week is over. The capital nightlife is great for students who like to socialise and go out. Stockholm offers a lot of choice for student nightlife, with many different types of bars and clubs to suit all of kinds of people.

Student nightlife isn't the only thing that you can enjoy when studying in Sweden on Erasmus. If you really want to experience what Swedish culture is like, you can partake in a wide range of activities such as fishing, shopping, sunbathing, swimming, camping, winter sports, golfing, cultural outings, outdoor games, and museum tours.

Although Sweden is a Scandinavian country, it has a much milder climate. This is the main reason why the Swedish landscape is unique, offering breathtaking views and superb scenery. So why not discover Sweden as part of your Erasmus programme?

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