Decorate your balcony

Design tips: decorate your balcony

The weather is (sort of) glorious and it’s finally heating up. If you’re lucky enough to have a balcony or terrace, it’s high time to spruce it up and create the perfect place to enjoy the sun while reading or have breakfast. Here are a few tips for organising and decorating your outdoor space for the summer months.

Organise your balcony: find some green space in the city

There’s nothing quite like being able to have your breakfast on a balcony or terrace in the morning, or just having a nice glass of something fizzy at sunset. The current trend of creating a micro garden in your balcony can bring a small corner of nature into your city lifestyle. Not only is this beneficial for your wellbeing, but it will refresh your apartment or house too. Window boxes and planters are still the most common way of bringing some greenery to your balcony: they provide an elegant touch to your space, while giving you a space to plant a few flowers or shrubs.

You could also plant up a few aromatic herbs, such as thyme or basil. Creating a miniature herb garden or veg patch is very on trend, and can allow you to test out those green fingers, even if you’re a complete novice – herbs are very easy to maintain. You could even pick up some grass tiles to give you the impression of truly being within nature.

Depending on the space available, it’s ideal to have a table – preferably round – and a few chairs out on your balcony. Your balcony will become a perfect little corner of paradise.

Decoration: design trends for your balcony

Traditional English garden styles are still very much in fashion. Wrought iron chairs and tables will make you feel like you’re in a true country garden. Why not try out a DIY planter or window box for an eco-friendly, cheap project? Old crates or planks of wood can easily be used to create a rustic looking planter – all you need to do is to fix it to your rail and plant it up with the flowers or vegetables of your choice ! You could also consider outdoor wall decorations, which can provide a green touch without taking up too much floor space. Vertical planters made out of things like sacks can bring a rustic, edgy touch to your balcony as well as a bit of green. You could go in the other direction and choose brightly coloured planters which will bring a bit of spring to your balcony all year round.

If you prefer more subtle designs, wooden planters and boxes would be an ideal choice. There are even wooden shelves designed especially for your plant pots and planters, to create a real immersive natural feel. Don’t be put off varying your pots – plastic, wood and clay pots can be mixed and matched for an eclectic, unplanned look.

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Author: Roomlala