Decorating Your Corridor

Whether it’s in a flat or a house, the corridor, or hallway, is often a wasted space, through lack of use, no matter what size it is. However, with a bit of clever decorating, you’ll be able to benefit from a stylish corridor, as well as extra storage space. Check out our tips for decorating this often neglected space.

The Right Furniture for the Perfectly Decorated Corridor

If you have quite a wide corridor, why not put a comfy chaise longue or daybed in it, to add a touch of elegance and design to the space, making it appear much more personalised. If there’s an alcove or nook in your hallway, it’s become really fashionable to turn it into a little office space. For instance, it’s an ideal place to put a computer and to work in peace.

If it’s a hallway right in front of your front door, you could make the most of the space by adding a shoe-rack. Whether you go for a mulit-leveled one, or just a little low shelf, a shoe-rack can prove very handy for keeping the space clutter free. Another popular decorating trend for corridors and hallways is to display decorative furnishings that you already have, such as a chest of drawers, and end table. In both cases, you can add paintings or framed photos on the wall above them. Or, if you’re a book-lover, you can turn your corridor into your own little library , giving you easy access to all of your favorite books and allowing you to show off your collection.

The Latest Interior Design Trends

To help you to make the most of your corridor or hallway, here are some of the latest decoration trends. First of all, you need to make sure that the space is well lit, with built-in spot lighting for instance, to highlight certain aspects and to add a feeling of homeliness and comfort . You can even get stick on spotlights now. A long rug can also be a great way to add depth to your corridor. Colourful wallpaper with original patterns can also brighten up the space, by giving it a bit more personality. Light colours are your friends, they brighten the space, even if there is little natural lighting. Painting one wall section, especially if you do it with a bright colour, is also a fashionable choice for livening up the space.

You could also put a mirror either at the end or in the middle of your corridor, to make the space look bigger. If the sunlight or lighting hits the mirror, the space can feel even more warm and homely. If you’re into art, you could also put stickers in the corridor for a more personalised and trendy look. Lastly, curtains can give a more romantic, classic feeling to your corridor, whilst also sectioning off space.

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