Decorating tips for a cosy home

Coming back to a comfy, warm, welcoming home is just the pick-me-up most people need at the end of a busy day. It’s easy enough to transform your home into a cosy nest and it doesn’t require any feng-shui. Roomlala has some decorating tips for making your home a comfier place to be.

The importance of colours

Colours are a very important element of interior design. To create a warm, cosy feel, we recommend soft colours like pale shades of grey, pink or green. To make your home really feel like a comfy den, mix up your textures and materials as well as the colours – for example, why not place a natural wood table next to a soft pastel pink wall for a homely feel.

colours sofa

Maximise the source of light

A light, bright ambiance can also have a big impact on the warmth of a property. Opt for dimmed or covered lighting, which can be artfully placed to give a soft, warming glow to make you feel relaxed. One good way to achieve this is to use fairy lights strung along a wall, over a window or across your furniture. You can even make your own shades for the lights to really give it a homely feel!

fairy lights lighting

Candles for natural light

To give a true sense of luxury and intimacy, why not use strategically placed candles in decorative candle holders. Scented candles can also give your home a pleasant but natural smell, and some candle holders can make the flickering candle light change colour or refract it into patterns on your walls. The natural, flickering light can really alter the feel of a room and makes a fresh change from harsh lighting.


Carpets, rugs and cushions

Dress your room, your sofas and your chairs with as many cushions and throws as you like to give them that irresistible sense of sinking into a comfy nest. These cushions can also be used for making pillow forts, the ultimate cosy den. Using other soft materials for rugs and carpets in warm colours will immediately make your rooms feel cosier and comfier – not to mention warmer!

cushions sofa comfy

Wooden furniture for warmth

The warmest material for furniture that you can buy is wood. The natural aspect which brings a little bit of life to a room as well as the natural textures can really make a difference. The very fashionable look of bare wood tables or chairs will go well with your cosy interior. Wood furnishings also match well with soft colours and materials.

wooden table

Author: Roomlala