Dealing with Noisy Neighbours

Do your neighbours work scream all day or play loud music? Do they throw too many parties and constantly keep you awake? What can you do to combat them without it turning into an all-out war? Here are some simple tips to resolve your problems with your noisy neighbours.

Step 1: Be patient Sometimes, it is necessary to just be tolerant. If it just occasional noise that is bothering you, give them a chance. Sometimes it takes a moment to get settled into the home when arriving back! Children might be happy to see their parents, a dog might want to go out for a walk, or something might get knocked over. Most nuisances quickly pass and are nothing more than temporary. There’s no sense in getting upset noise problems. If it goes beyond what one would consider patient, give them a nice peaceful call or stop on by to make sure that everything is alright! Just express your concerns regarding the amount of noise.

Step 2: Discuss it! Before getting stressed out to the breaking point, discuss the problem. Peacefully express your feelings. Explain that the amount of noise is problematic to you and that you would appreciate them being gentler on your ears.

There are three possible outcomes to this situation: • Option 1: They will understand! The might not have even been aware that they created so much noise! They’ll probably even apologise. • Option 2: They apologize, and go back to making the noise moments later. • Option 3: They say they are not responsible for the amount of noise and blame someone else. Then they go back to making their noise. If this is the route they take, go on the offensive.

Step 3: Your Attack It’s acknowledged by most people that there is a general reduction in noise production between the hours of 10 pm and 7 am. This is when most people sleep. Before calling the police, which could get you into a great amount of conflict with the neighbours, try this: • If they are tenants: contact the owner and place a complaint • If they are the owners: write a letter to the managing agency. Note: you will definitely be heard if you can get other tenants to side with you and make your complaint stronger. • A third method is to send a registered letter to the tenant so that you can prove that it is received. The ultimate solution is to go to court. You can get the neighbours to be declared a nuisance by your town and they will be forced to quiet down. This is clearly a radical step, but if it means you will be able to sleep at night, it could be worth it.