Collaborative Consumption: The Barter and Sale of Used Clothing

The bartering and the exchange of goods are ancient practices which have been reinvented in previous years through the use of the internet. The internet phenomenon has made us re-evaluate the bartering and exchange of goods. It has created the whole idea of “collaborative consumption”, or as it’s commonly known, the “sharing economy”.

Definition and advantages of collaborative consumption

Collaborative consumption can take many different forms, and covers a wide range of areas such as services, insurance or even boat rentals. Collaborative consumption of second hand clothes can be done via many online platforms or it can be done physically via second hand shops, flea markets, or organisations who supply the circulation and sale of second hand clothes. The barter of clothing has also been greatly developed in recent years with the use of the internet. Several jumbo sales or flea markets also offer the ability to barter for clothes.

There are many benefits of collaborative consumption, such as: • Financial savings • Less waste • Creating a sharing relationship • Decline of mass production This is a rapidly growing trend in our economy, which changes the way in which we consume goods, and has re-shaped economic factors such as consumer concerns.

What is the bartering of clothes and the sale of used clothing?

Used clothing has become increasingly fashionable in recent years thanks to the availability of online selling and trading platforms. Also, the onset of the economic recession has caused people to think of alternative ways to save money. Specifically, the bartering of baby clothes has become increasingly popular. Many online platforms have brought together both buyers and sellers in order to barter used clothing.

Some major market players

In the highly developed market of the barter and exchange of used clothing, there are many online platforms which facilitate this market. Some main examples are,, and There are even mobile apps such as Depop, which allow you to buy and sell used clothing from your phone. The creation of these platforms shows that the barter and exchange market has been re-invented and is a growing rapidly in today's marketplace.

Author: Roomlala