Christmas decorations

Christmas DIY : Decorate your Home on a Budget

It’s that time of year again! It’s really starting to feel like Christmas outside, but you still haven’t got any ideas on how to decorate your home? We’d all like to avoid spending a fortune on festive decorations, but at the same time, we still want the house to look magical for the festive season! Roomlala has done a bit of research and has found you the best DIY ideas for decorating your home during Christmas on a budget!

Recycle old decorations

Firstly- re-use!! There must surely be a box of christmas baubles hidden somewhere in your house? Instead of using them conventionally, give them a new life by hanging them up on the wall, or under the doorbell! Some people like to maintain a certain harmony of colours by using red, green, gold, and silver balls to ensure they keep in the Christmas theme, but multi-coloured can work well too, adding a vibrant touch to the house for the festive season!

Bank on fruits

There are so many creative ways to use fruit! Choose the vibrant colours of red berries, oranges, or red apples, and use them as centrepieces at the table. The can have a striking effect and the fruits gives off a pleasant fragrance throughout your home.

Fruit tree Photo: designboom Make decorations from paper

There are endless ways of making decorations from paper regardless of your artistc ability. Whether it just be small cut outs, or more extravagant paper chains to hang around the house, with a bit of coloured card and some glitter pens, this decorations can look fabulous! Why not check out this easy step-by-step tutorial on how to make 3D paper snowflakes which look amazing hung up from the ceiling around the house for the festive season!

Love nature

It’s so easy to also find decorations out in nature. Just go to your local woods, and gather a few branches to bring back home.. Did you know that it’s possible to make your own Christmas tree with only sticks picked up off the ground? This would be original, no tree will need to be cut for you, and it’s always better than a plastic tree… Preserve the planet! What's more, you could collect some holly to really get in the mood of the festive season, or some twigs and sticks and spray paint them silver or gold!

Wall tree Photos: sophisticat3d / Homelisty / Bee Made Hang your photos on the wall

Choose your most beautiful pictures of the festive season, and with a bit of glue hang them on the wall. If you don’t have any Christmas photos, nothing’s stopping you from doing the same with photos of friends, your travels, or even using greeting cards or postcards. This DIY can be personalised infinitely, the important thing is that they're photos you love and make you smile!

Recycle your orange peel

We eat a lot of oranges and clementines during the winter, and so if you’ve been throwing away the peels in the compost this whole time, stop! Did you know you can reuse them as decor ? Keep the peels, cut them out into festive shapes, and hang them on your tree as decorations! This original idea will also help to fill your home with a pleasing aroma.

Wall tree Photo: Pinterest

Author: Roomlala