Are You Allowed to Enter Your Flatmate’s Space

It can happen. You can be tempted to enter your flatmate’s space when they’re away. After all, you just needed to borrow their iron, or take something back that rightfully belongs to you, right? It shouldn’t be a problem, but what if it becomes one? There’s some simple ways to respect personal space and ensure that you and your flatmate don’t get into disagreements.

When can you enter their space? Are you afraid that your flatmate’s cleanliness is a problem? Do they make noises all the time that disturb the entire neighbourhood? We know that you may be entering for what you may think is in the best interest for the two of you, but in reality, you could be the one who gets in trouble. In fact, there are some areas that have laws which state that it is actually trespassing to enter someone’s space when they are not there! Even if it is a room in your home that you are renting to them.

When is it legal to enter their space? In some cases, you may be legally allowed to enter the room, but no matter what it is important to request the permission of the tenant. • Execution of Works: If renovations must be made to the accommodation at any time it is important that the landlord informs the tenant beforehand so that they are aware that someone will be entering their space. It may even be required by law (depending on your area) to have written permission from the tenant to enter the space. • With Written Permission: If the tenant is going away, or a cleaning service will be provided when the tenant is away, make sure to receive written permission from the tenant to ensure that you can enter their space. You may just be opening a window to air out the room in their absence, but what happens if you knock over an expensive vase, or break something that is important to them by accident! It’s just always best to have your back covered.