Accommodation in exchange for work: the alternative to a student job

One example of accommodation in exchange for services : intergenerational living

There are some difficult things about being a student ; lack of money, finding a student job, finding affordable accommodation… Finding a student job which will allow you to pay your rent and give you enough time to study can be a hard balance to strike, never mind having a social life. Here, we will give you the run down on an alternative which could solve all those problems : accommodation in exchange for work.

The idea of accommodation in exchange for work

This formula is relatively new, but growing in popularity. For students, it generally involves a landlord offering somewhere to live either in their own home or a separate lodging in exchange for services which are clearly defined from the outset. This solution allows students to save a significant amount on their rent, while simultaneously developing a positive relationship with their host. The work offered can range from babysitting to homework help, from cleaning the house to tending the garden.

An alternative to a student job

Many students end up taking jobs during term time which provide a modest income, in order to pay their living costs. The high cost of renting can often force students to take up several jobs, which can have a negative impact on their university work. In this way, accommodation in exchange for work provides an ideal solution, as it relieves students of this time pressure. The daily or weekly routine of students who choose accommodation in exchange for work is clearly defined from the start, in order to prevent any surprises or any unexpected impact on their studies. Importantly, any additional hours can be paid, in certain cases.

Another option for students is providing a service to someone you see frequently. Indeed, babysitting, homework help and looking after pets are all more pleasant and convenient than a job with odd hours or a job stacking shelves and following orders. It is sometimes possible to find an offer including meals in exchange for services. As an option which is becoming more and more popular for students and hosts alike, Roomlala offers an increasing number of ads for accommodation in exchange for work.

Author: Roomlala