9 Tips for Taking Successful Photos of Your Accommodation

Did you know that ads with photos receive 5 times more views than ads without photos? We therefore strongly recommend that you update your ad with pictures of your accommodation, if you haven’t done so already! To help you out we’re providing you with some tips for taking the best possible pictures of your accommodation and thus for making your ad more effective!

Tip 1: Use a Suitable Camera

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to take attractive photos of your accommodation! If you have a simple digital camera, use it. Nevertheless, if you don’t have one, you can most definitely use your mobile phone or tablet’s built in camera, provided that the resulting image is high quality: you want clear, light photos.

Tip 2: A Clean and Tidy Room

Your aim is to attract tenants by posting attractive photos of your accommodation. They should make people who view your ad want to live there, make them picture themselves living in that space. A messy and dirty apartment won’t appeal to anyone... You should remember to tidy and clean the rooms before photographing them. At the very least, make the bed!


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Tip 3: As Much Natural Light as Possible

If at all possible, you should take your photos during the day, at a time when the inside of your house is at its brightest. Don’t forget to open the blinds, natural light makes for much better photos than artificial light. If your bedroom is brightest in the morning and the living room is bright in the afternoon, try and adapt when you take each photo, based on when each room will be best lit. Moreover, try and avoid backlit photos, because they give the impression that there is less light in the room. If the room receives little light, take a look at photo editing software to increase the brightness of photos. You can even do this on mobile phone apps.

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Tip 4: Use Different Angles and Remember to Stand Back

Photograph each room from different angles, so that potential tenants can understand the layout of the accommodaiton. Two or three photos of each room should be enough. Also, remember to stand back as much as possible for a more comprehensive view of each room. Finally, avoid zooming in on furniture, or on unflattering, or unattractive furnishings.


Tip 5: No Photo Collages and No Filters

Roomlala gives you the chance to upload as many photos as you want. So, it's not worth the hassle of making photo collages that will reduce the size of the pictures and make them harder to see. Try to always keep the original formatting of the photo. Likewise, avoid using filters (like those on Instagram) too much. Feel free to use them to make the image brighter, but be wary of doing anything else. If an image is edited too much, it could become difficult for prospective tenants to make out the details of your accommodation, or they might even think that you have something to hide!


Tip 6: No People in the Photos

You can certainly take a photo of yourself to introduce yourself. With regard to Roomlala, you can upload a profile picture on your account page. However, you should ensure that the photos of your accommodation, are just that, the rooms and nothing else; no people, reflections, or shadows of people. Otherwise, you risk taking the attention of the tenant away from the room and decreasing the quality and professional nature of the photo.


Tip 7: Clear Photos

A blurred photo only gives a small hint at what your accommodation looks like. Help the tenant to picture themselves living there by making sure that your photos are as clear as possible. To do so, it once again comes down to taking the photos during the day when the light is best, as well as remembering to check how the photos look on your computer before uploading them to your ad.


Tip 8: Make Decorative Furnishings Stand Out

Does the room or the rest of the accommodation have parts that you really like? Make your favorite furnishings stand out! But, remember to bear in mind that any type of person needs to be able to picture themself living there and not everyone has the same taste as you. So, try to emphasize fairly simple and understated decorative furnishings, like a bouquet of flowers, or a pretty bookshelf, for instance.


Tip 9: Photograph All the Rooms, But Don’t Just Leave It At That!

You should definitely take photos of all of the living spaces in your accommodation, to complement your description as much as possible: bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen. Moreover, if your accommodation also has a garden, a veranda, or a patio, or even a pretty view, don’t hesitate to include photos of all that too. These are all assets that will improve the success of your ad!

In just 2 seconds, the tenant will form their first impression of your accommodation, by looking at your photos. Take some time to make sure you are posting the best possible images and you’ll save time in the long run, as you’ll find a tenant much faster.

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Author: Roomlala