8 Types of Flatmates or Roommates You Could Encounter

If you believe that having a good flat or apartment is important to making a flatshare run smoothly, you must also be aware that it’s also incredibly important to find the right roommates/flatmates. We’ve compiled brief profiles of the 8 main types to give you an idea of the kind of people that you could meet.

1. The Party Animal

This first type of roommate is by far one of the most common amongst students, the perpetual party-goer. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Thursday, Friday, or even Tuesday! They’ll spend all night partying and hanging out with friends in a bar or club, before finally bringing the after party back to your place, along with a bunch of strangers, drunk students and friends who will be more than happy to vomit all over your carpet. If that happens to you, be sure not to open their door in the morning, that’s how to make the whole flat stink of booze.

2. The Occasional Drinker

Otherwise known as “the shy one”, this kind of flatmate doesn’t go out much and hardly ever drinks. However, when they do drink, they really go for it. Don’t be surprised if you find that the whole flat has been turned upside-down when you wake up the next morning, or if you get a phone call at 5 am asking you to come and find them because they’re lost in town.

3. Mr Melancholy

Relationships are difficult and this kind of roommate knows a lot about that. This poor broken-hearted soul shuffles about helplessly, tissue in hand, cherishing every object that reminds them of the object of their now unrequited affection. That being said, they eventually remember that life is short and begin introducing you to the previous night’s conquests every morning.

4. Pedantic Pete

We each owe how much? Whose is the carrot in the fridge? Who uses the most hot water? Do you ever ask yourself these questions? This type of flatmate certainly does! They keep track of everything in a little mental notebook. Whilst on the surface this seems practical, it’s less so when they're asking you for the 50 pence that they lent you 5 months ago to buy some bread.

5. The (over) sharer

Their door is always open, literally. This kind of roommate loves to share everything with you. From the music that they listen to (really loudly) when they wake up to the series that they watch at all hours in the living room and their long phone conversations, you know everything about them and their interests, whether you want to or not!

6. Mr Invisible

They’re the exact opposite of number 5; they don’t disturb you at all. They’re rarely out of their room. But don’t think they’re unfriendly, they’re nothing of the sort, they just prefer being alone and playing video games. At the absolute most, you’ll hear them shouting orders on World of Warcraft, or raging after dying on COD.

7. The Clean Freak

Cleanliness is important. For this flatmate it’s VERY important. They keep the cleaning rota up to date and can’t resist organising the whole flat. Yes, it’s definitely handy that they spend five times longer cleaning the kitchen than you do and that all the nooks and crannies are dust free after they vacuum. However, it’s a bit more annoying when they constantly remind you that you’ve left a dirty glass on the living room table.

8. Little Miss Messy

Having boasted about how neat and tidy they are before moving in, this roommate succeeded in hiding their true nature from you. Body hair in the shower, cigarette butts on the coffee table and a mountain of dishes piled up in the sink, these are the main characteristics. Oh, and of course, they promise you that they’ll tidy it all up later when they get home. Miraculously, they actually do it, but the pans are still so oily that they might as well have done nothing.

You will have by now worked out that every roommate/flatmate has their faults and the odd well hidden (and often annoying) habit. What about you? Do you fall into one of these classic categories?

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Author: Roomlala