5 Things That Every Student Should Experience

The college years are some of the best years that someone can experience. It's a time of learning, development and discovering new experiences. Here are our top 5 things that every student should do during their studies.

The Erasmus Programme

Erasmus is a European programme which allows students to easily study abroad in another European Member State for one year. The aim of the programme is to create intercultural exchanges, and to allow students to learn about another culture and way of life. When studying, you should look into going on Erasmus to such places as France, Spain, Germany or Sweden!

Do an internship abroad

Why not do an internship while abroad? It's a great idea for those looking to really immerse themselves in another culture. Doing an internship abroad also allows students to improve on their foreign language skills. Being able to say that you've worked in a foreign country isn't just great for your CV, it's also a great life experience.

Go on a humanitarian mission

Being a student also means that you benefit from having more to enrich yourself. Many students go abroad on humanitarian missions during the long summers. Going abroad to help build houses in Ghana, or teaching children in India is a very enriching and enlightening experience for students. Not only are you completely immersed in a different culture, but it also gives you a new outlook on life.

Live with new people

Whether you’re living abroad or living at university, the college years are a great time to live with new people. Having roommates isn’t always easy, but it sure does add to the university experience! Choose your roommates wisely, and if you want to learn a new language or a new culture, then why not live with some international students?

Explore the world

If you've ever wanted to travel and explore new places, you should do it while you're young and carefree! While travelling sounds a bit expensive, especially for a student, you can definitely do it on a budget if you do it right! So why not travel the world? See new places, meet new people, and make new memories! The world is yours to explore!

Author: Roomlala