5 Reasons to Flatshare with Someone You Don’t Know

Flatshares are becoming more and more popular each month. In addition to being an economical solution to your housing needs, this option offers a number of advantages. Choosing the right roommate isn’t always an easy process, but sometimes not knowing each other can have many upsides. Roomlala gives you 5 reasons to share a flat with a stranger.

Set simple rules

Don’t risk having an ‘anything goes’ attitude in flatshare. Set ground rules from the start, from sharing the house chores, to paying the rent. These rules aren’t necessarily easy to establish when living with siblings or friends. Not knowing one another makes it a bit easier to start a discussion on this topic, and to assess fairly quickly if you’ll be compatible.

Meet new people more easily

Living in a flatshare with someone you don’t know is a great way to expand your network. Having a roommate outside of your circle of friends allows you to meet new people passing through the apartment, and the friends of friends you meet at parties.

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Tackling more sensitive issues

The non-payment of rent by a roommate can have disastrous consequences on the flatsharing atmosphere. Without thoughts of friendship or family in mind, it may be easier to address the money problem in a more appropriate manner.

Enjoy the apartment

Not knowing each other from the start means you’ll both have different groups of friends. When your roommate’s out with their buddies, you get the whole house to yourself!

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Keeping friends

Flatsharing with friends can sometimes cause problems within the group. Choosing a roommate you don’t know means you avoid quarrelling with long-time friends over a stupid dispute over unpaid rent.

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