5 Good Tips For Living in an All Male Flat-Share

Flat-sharing with your mates lets you create wonderful memories with friends. Provided that you follow a few rules, it can be a great, unique experience. Roomlala offers some good advice on what you can do to make your year in a flat-share an unforgettable one.

A bit of tidiness goes a long way

To respect everyone’s space, it’s important to think about setting up a few ground rules and using common sense. Firstly, you should definitely avoid leaving your underwear hanging around the middle of the apartment. Everyone will appreciate your thoughtfulness and you will probably be inclined do the washing up more often.

Food is a serious subject

One of the key unwritten rules of flat-sharing with other men is to stop taking food that doesn’t belong to you. There’s nothing more infuriating than thinking about the delicious dinner awaiting us at home, only to discover it’s been eaten by some mates. However, if you find yourself unable to resist that packet of sweets calling you from the kitchen, be a good lad and replace it is as soon as possible.

Eat a varied diet

To successfully create a positive dynamic in your household, we advise you to vary the dishes served at home. Try not to limit yourself to take-away meals or burgers, and take the time to cook some good food with a little more nutritional value.

Cleaning: Whose turn is it?

Dust accumulating near the TV and hairs clogging up the shower drain? You may have forgotten about the vacuum tucked away in the closet. There’s no need to be excessive with the cleaning, but it’s important to clean up the house from time to time, and put away the bottles after a lively night at home. Living in a clean environment helps to make sure you don’t get on each other’s nerves.

The doorsock

Flat-sharing is great when everyone’s privacy is respected. If you bring home your latest conquest, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Keep quiet and everyone will be better off, including your partner. To prevent friends from disturbing you, it’s always a good idea to leave a sock on your doorknob!

Author: Roomlala