5 Good Reasons to Study Abroad

We’ve all got that friend in our group who went on a year abroad and came back with a whole host of fabulous or funny memories. Can anyone really say that they’ve never been tempted by the experience? Pack your bags and go off into the unknown to stand on your own two feet… If you haven’t yet plucked up the courage to take the leap, this article might just convince you to go for it!

Make New Cultures Your Own!

They say “Travel broadens the mind”, and it’s true! We can never say it enough times; having the opportunity to discover a new culture is quite simply invaluable. It forces you to look at your fixed ideas from a different perspective, to see the world through different eyes… Going abroad for even just a few months allows you to mature more quickly than you would in several years spent in your own country.

Master a Foreign Language

Going to study abroad also means learning a language, or practising one to perfect it. Diving headfirst into a class full of local students, you’ll constantly be improving your oral comprehension just by listening to lectures and classes given in that language. You’ll also be forced to work on your conversation skills, if you want to integrate yourself into the class. Mentioning that you speak fluent French or Spanish, for instance, on your CV is even more appreciated by recruiters if you back it up with a semester or a whole year spent studying over there. Make the most of it!

Change How You Learn

The way universities work abroad is nothing like how they are at home : the teaching methods often don’t resemble anything you’ve come to expect after studying at home, but you’ll be surprised to discover how new ways of studying can be good for you. Yes, your studies may even become a real pleasure, if they aren’t already of course!

Grow-Up Away from Home and Flourish

Venturing out of your comfort zone and throwing yourself into the unknown is also a great way to grow up and (as clichéd as it sounds) find yourself. You leave your family, your friends, your routine. It’s almost like starting again from scratch; it gives you the chance to take a step back and ask yourself questions that will help you move forward in life.

Boost Your CV

Having experience in a foreign country really gives your job applications that little something extra. If, for instance, you’ve spent time in a foreign country that relates to the job that you’re interested in, you would stand out with your on-the-ground experience. In addition, it also shows that you’re resourceful and independent; Living alone abroad is no laughing matter!

So, are you convinced yet? Planning to study abroad, even just for a semester could benefit you so much! As far as accommodation is concerned, don’t forget that we offer rooms all over the world!

Author: Roomlala